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mystic lilies

A rules-light tabletop roleplaying game about vengeful witches and dark manipulation.

Will Uhl

founder of merry mancer games

Founded by Will Uhl, Merry Mancer Games is comprised of experienced and diverse editors and playtesters. Merry Mancer Games focuses on rules-light, narrative-focused experiences that allow people to step outside their comfort zones, embrace imperfection, and see the world through new eyes.

Testimonials & Reviews

Such a fun, soft game! Love the solo aspects and the ability to play asynchronously with your friends. This has a lot of potential and flexibility!

Hub S.

on Heart Home

5 Stars […]. Like most of Merry Mancer Game’s micro-rpgs, it’s a fun romp that feels like an interactive movie night.

Antonio M.

on Night Drifters
This is the greatest thing I have ever read.

Billie D.

on Skateboard Dog
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