Gems of Fate


Divination with dice.

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Gems of Fate is an interpretive tool for divination, storytelling, and reflection, similar to tarot, Spindlewheel, and oracle decks. It requires three six-sided dice.

🔮 It is a divinatory tool to answer your questions. Ask the dice a question and see how they fall. How will the future unfold?

It is a storytelling tool to twist your narratives. When you want to let chance guide your stories (including roleplaying games), present a gap in your narrative to the dice and see where they lead it.

🎲 It is a reflective tool to suggest new possibilities. They are merely a conduit for the magic within you; they hold no power in their own right. When consulting them dice to ask what could be — whether the fate in question is real or fiction — treat the results as a possibility, not a guarantee. If the dice show you a road you wish to avoid, you may always choose another path.

Contains: 13 pages, 36 Aspects, directions for usage, and a bonus section on weaving a story with dice.

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