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Multi-User Discord Server Lore-Universe Role Play!

MUDSLURP (Multi-User Discord Server Lore-Universe Role Play) is a roleplaying game about asynchronous communication, intersecting storylines, and carrying a piece of your characters with you in everyday life. Everyone involved controls at least one character and participates in a shared text chatroom integrated into a fictional setting.

MUDSLURP is also compatible with other tabletop RPGs – bring a new dimension to your story with a chatroom for all your characters! Host server events, build out the world, and learn more about each other.​ MUDSLURP even supports multiple tabletop campaigns sharing the same chatroom, including guidelines for avoiding & resolving canon disputes.

Materials required:

  • At least 2 players, preferably at least 5
  • Access to Discord.com

MUDSLURP is in no way affiliated with Discord.

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