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Mystic Lilies


Mystic Lilies is a roleplaying game about vengeful witches and dark manipulation.

♣ Overview

Mystic Lilies is a roleplaying game about vengeful witches and dark manipulation. It’s inspired in part by Monsterhearts, Touhou Project, Bayonetta, and Madoka Magica, as well as many other tales of magical drama. In a sealed-off region full of fantastical phenomena, the land is falling out of balance. You will play to find what people take and what people lose to regain that balance.

Mystic Lilies uses a deck of standard playing cards for resolving conflicts and casting spells. Each suit is linked to a different stat: ♣Instinct, ♠Logic, ♥Will,and ♦Special – a stat that changes for each character. Players use cards to cast spells, overcome obstacles, and clash with other characters. Choose your cards wisely.

♥ Social Drama

Mystic Lilies is a game about social conflict. The stories it tells are not about characters working together – they are stories about flawed, emotional, and impulsive characters and the drama they create between each other. There will be sad endings – don’t flinch from them. Enjoy the drama, watch your characters change, and play to see how the story unfolds.

Characters in Mystic Lilies are made to cause drama. Use magic to shapeshift, possess non-player characters, and hunt people down – even into their dreams. When you’re down on your luck and looking for revenge, it’s time to up the ante with your Incident – a game-changing, slow-burn spell that drives the story to a climax. Will the other player characters stop you in time?

♦ Features

  • Full-color illustrations by Arsha of ArshaMakesArt and Suede Lorenzo
  • Create a character with 12 Signs and 6 Paths, then customize each to your liking
  • Guidance to help everyone brew drama, embrace chaos, and play safely
  • A sample one-shot and advice for writing your own
  • Guest writing by Amr Ammourazz, Grant Howitt, James Mendez Hodes, Nathan Blades, Sharang Biswas, and Yeonsoo Julian Kim
  • Also included: an automated online character sheet and a cheat sheet for easy rules reference during play

Required materials: 3-6 players, the rulebook, and a standard deck of 52 playing cards with the jokers removed. For online play, Tabletop Simulator, Roll20, or similar services may be useful.

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