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The Luminous Aviary


Fictional birds to enchant your worldbuilding and storytelling

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The Luminous Aviary is a book of fictional birds for use with conventional fantasy settings where magic abounds, people live among vibrant natural landscapes, and adventurers delve into ancient ruins. These birds aren’t monsters to slay; they are members of ecosystems, cultural touchstones, and narrative catalysts. Game masters and worldbuilders can use them to flesh out settings and provide narrative hooks for their characters.


  • 12 pages, not including the cover & table of contents
  • 8 different bird entries, ranging in habitat from dark forests to tropical climates, arctic regions, and aethereal planes
  • A full-color illustration for each bird, including two full-page illustrations
  • Guidance on integrating the birds of the Luminous Aviary into your fantasy world
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