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Character sheet:

Cheat sheet: [Coming soon!]

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Sample one-shot outlines for MMG Micro-RPGs:

Heart Home headspace template:

NetBattlers Downloads

NetBattlers is a tabletop roleplaying game meant to emulate the aesthetic of Capcom’s Mega Man Battle Network series. It imagines an almost utopian world with nearly every electronic device controlled by networked computers. Smartphones and PDAs have evolved into PETs, handheld devices containing sentient personal assistants known as Navis. The games follow a group of grade-school children, all around 11 years old, and their fantastic exploits. It mixes elements of ordinary childhood life – field trips, parent-child relationships, and homework – with extraordinary feats of courage and heroism. NetBattlers seeks to create a rules-light, narrative-first gateway to roleplaying in MMBN’s world. Instead of emulating the nuts and bolts of the games, NetBattlers focuses on creating concise, flexible rules and letting players focus on the fantasy first.

Beta 8 (Full Res):

Beta 8 (Mobile):

Advance 7 (Full Res):

Advance 7 (Mobile):


A blank character sheet updated for Beta 8. Autofill courtesy of Daniel Roslin:

Printable character sheets, courtesy of Empwnleon:

Dice probabilities:

Recorded Sessions

For a collection of recorded, streamed, and/or broadcast sessions of Merry Mancer Games titles, see here:

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